Adoption Fees & Services

Because we are small, private rescue group, we interview all of our adopters and reserve the right to choose the best home possible for our rescue kitties.  We require that you fill out an Pre-Adoption Questionnaire prior to your visit. We are specialists in pairing the right kitty to you and your family based on personality and your lifestyle.  We will review your adoption needs and contact you to schedule a visit to meet our beloved felines. We are located in Woodland Hills, CA and adopters must live in the Local Los Angeles or Ventura County Area.

Our pup Riley Jo and Little Mouse!

Our pup Riley Jo and Little Mouse!


  • SENIORS: $50

  • ADULTS: $50-200

  • KITTENS: $150


(Deposits to hold a kitty are non-refundable.)

We provide all medical records for our kitties which includes but is not limited to:

* The FVRCP vaccine series for kittens are given 3–4 weeks apart up until 3 months. If the vaccine series is not yet complete at the time of adoption, it will be the adopter’s responsibility to complete this series.

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • Shelter Cats have Rabies Vaccination

  • FVRCP Vaccinations

  • Treated for Fleas & Dewormed

  • Combo tested for FeLV/FIV

  • Microchipped & Nails Trimmed

Adoption fees usually do not cover the full Medical care we offer.  Many kitties come to us with severe injuries/illness and require need medications, blood tests, x-rays, veterinary treatment and more. KFK, Inc. provides those at no extra cost. Any extra donation added to the adoption fee is greatly appreciated.  After adoption, all veterinary care becomes your full responsibility for the life of the cat. KFK cannot guarantee perfect health of any kitty and in rare occasions, these a cat\kitten may have a dormant condition that can surface later in age.

Adoption Policy

To ensure that all kittens/cats will be placed in a loving, responsible and dedicated home, KFK, Inc. reserves the right to decline an adoption application. Please take the time to consider whether you are really for a new pet.  Be aware that it is very stressful for a rescue kitty to be adopted only to be returned a few weeks or months later and THEN try to get re-adopted again to another home.  

KRAZY FOR KATS adoption protocol:

  • There will be an in-depth phone consultation with all potential adopters. We require a home visit to meet the family and your other pets prior to the adoption. You must be within reasonable driving distance from Woodland Hills for our home checks.

  • All kittens are available for adoption at no less than 9–12 weeks old. Kittens under 6 months of age are usually adopted in pairs.

  • We do not adopt kitties for someone else as a gift. It is better if they visit KFK to pick out the kitty to make sure it is the right fit. Make it a surprise “Kitty Day!”

  • Rescue kitties may not be suited for children under the age of 6 especially if your child has no prior pet experience. If you would like to get a kitten for an older child, bring them over to play with the kittens to see how comfortable they are with them.

Please make sure you follow the instruction page on "Bringing the Kitty Home" during the first few days.  KFK, Inc. cannot be held responsible if you introduce your kitten to a pet too soon or if you do not use the "safe room" method.  These adoption steps are intended for the comfort and safety of the kitty and to reduce confrontation and undue stress with your own pets.

Return Policy

After 7 days, your adoption fee becomes a donation to KFK.


We assume that you are prepared to adopt a kitty for life when you sign our contract. After adoption, if you need to give up your kitty in the future, you must return it to Krazy for Kats as soon as possible as per our agreement.  If for any reason you need to return or exchange a kitten/cat you've adopted from us, please do so within (7) days for a refund of the adoption fee or choose a different kitty. 

Owner return/release of adopted pets will be charge a "re-homing fee" of $100 per cat for every year the animal was in your possession.  This is to take care of the extra expense in order to care for an older kitty and to place them up for adoption again.  This re-homing fee can be stated as a Tax Deductible Donation to KFK, Inc. for your records.  You may also donate the cat's supplies, food and kitty condos to our rescue group.

If at any time we feel that the kitty is being neglected, mistreated or denied medical treatment such as follow-up exams, vaccinations or scheduled surgeries, KFK, Inc. has the right to reclaim the adopted animal at anytime.