We are working hard to establish the 1st "Non-Profit" Cat Cafe in Woodland Hills, California. Our goal is to create a sanctuary for cats and people to come together to enjoy each other's purrfect company. Come take a break from the stress of your busy day to share some unconditional love from our rescue kitties.

Cats, Coffee and Just Chilling with Good Friends. 
What more can you ask for!

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Our Story & Mission

The importance of MystiCat Cafe is to create a zen-like sanctuary for cats where they are constantly surrounded by love and attention.  This is more than a cool place to hang out. We want to connect humans and cats together to create a unique bond.  We will be the official adoption center for Krazy for Kats, Inc., a 501 C3 Non Profit Cat Rescue Group.  We will commission artwork from famous cat artists such a Jeff Haynie and play beautiful music for the animal lovers soul by Marco Missinato to highlight the importance of being in balance with animals on our planet.

PLUS we will offer specialty classes on Animal Communication, Reiki, Tarot Readings, Cat Behavior, Guided Meditation, Yoga with world-renowned instructors and much more!


MystiCat Cafe will be Dedicated to Helping Cats & Kittens with "Special Needs." 

Everyone loves the cute kittens and fluffy adults, but what about the ones that have been abandoned on the streets and are starving, injured or born with a deformity that adds to their constant struggle to stay alive.  These are the cats that are usually overlooked for adoption after being dumped in the shelter.  The frightened souls that are euthanized because they are different or need a little extra care.   THESE ARE OUR MYSTICATS!  

At our unique Cat Cafe, we will cater to the tri-pawds - the kitties that had their front or back leg amputated. We will take in the special ones that are deaf or blind, missing an eye, ear or a tail, and most importantly, we will provide a safe sanctuary for our super seniors! We believe ALL cats are beautiful, spiritual souls that deserve our love and care.  

 Little Nubby was born missing part of her back leg but that doesn't stop her from getting around the Kat House and playing with toys!

Little Nubby was born missing part of her back leg but that doesn't stop her from getting around the Kat House and playing with toys!

 Mindy and her baby kitten enjoying a snuggle!

Mindy and her baby kitten enjoying a snuggle!

How It Will Work

The well-being of the cats is very important to us.  We will be working with FixNation, local veterinarians and other animal welfare groups to save as many cats as we can each year. Our goal is to adopt 500 cats to new homes.  We will abide by all health and safety codes for our desired location and we will have an age limit for our younger guests.  

To visit MystiCat Cafe, we request that you make your reservation in advance (tax deductible)  to hang out with the kitties!  Our unique space allows us to have 15 to 20 cats at one time so there will be a limited number of people allowed in the cat den to make sure our felines are feeling comfortable.  

All of the MystiCats will be available for adoption through Krazy for Kats, Inc. and your tax deductible adoption fee will go right back into our  mission to save more kitties from our L.A. streets and shelters.

Feel free to grab a cup of FREE coffee or tea from one of our local vendors and don't forget your CAMERA!  Our kitties are master Photo-Bombers so be careful!  You may get some kitty surprises with each shot!