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We are happy to assist you in answer questions about adoptions or kitty care.  If you are contacting us because you would like to rehome your pet or have found cats/kittens on the street, please understand that we get numerous requests to take in more animals. Please read the following options before contacting us so we can better serve you.  

Rehoming your pet:

We receive quite a few calls each day from people needing to "re-home" their pet. While we would love to help everyone in the community, please understand that if we take it your current pet which already has a home that means there is one less space at The Kat House for the abandoned kitties on the streets.

Having a pet is a lifetime responsibility. Please be kind to your personal pets and senior animals!  Go to Rehome Your Pet for services and organizations that can assist you.

Found a Cat or Baby Kittens

If you find newborn kittens, the BEST thing to do is take them to a vet or contact a local rescue group in YOUR city.  Call your closed Petco/Petsmart to see which rescue group holds adoptions and call them or go in on the weekend to talk to them in person.  Larger rescue groups have more fosters able to take in new kittens.

We are in Woodland Hills, California and we are a very small rescue and can only take in a handful of kittens at time.  If you are calling from out of state, please let us know your location and the latest time we can contact you to offer phone assistance. We will do the best we can to give you advice but your best option is to go to a vet.  Go to Found Baby Kittens for assistance.


Mailing address:

Krazy for Kats, Inc.
PO BOX 6902
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 527-KATS (5287)



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Please let us know where you live so we can best help you and answer your important kitty questions.