Are you interested in becoming a foster or help us socialize kittens?  Fostering is not an easy task and we need to know you will be 100% committed.  Socializing will take a minimum of 2 weeks to do to help tame down a shy kitty. (At this time, we do not need any more volunteers.)

SOCIALIZING is great if you would like the opportunity to work with a young kitten for a short while then return them to the Kat House for adoption.  This means you get to take 1 to 3 baby kittens into your home and teach them how to be comfortable around people.  Often, these are kittens are 6 to 10 weeks old and were born to feral moms.  

FOSTERING is an amazing opportunity to help out the animal community! If you are considering taking in rescue kitties, please feel free to contact us about the details of this fulfilling work.  We can always use extra help, especially during kitten season and we are currently looking for foster homes in the San Fernando Valley. 



  1. You must be 25 years or older and have a financially stable environment for the cats.

  2. All rescue cats/kittens must stay in a separate room/bathroom and must be kept inside.

  3. All kitties must be quarantined for 2 weeks from other pets and new rescues.

  4. All kitty supplies, litter, toys and high quality canned food must be provided by you.

  5. They must be kept healthy, socialized and well fed with the proper "canned" food for their age.

  6. You are expected to have kitties available for adoption and take them to adoption events.

  7. If you are socializing only you bring back the kittens to KFK when they get older.

  8. If you have people interested in adopting the kitties, you must contact Krazy For Kats first to have them fill out adoption contracts.


Krazy For Kats will cover all basic medical expenses that are needed to keep the cats healthy such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, testing, de-worming, de-flea and other common procedures for the first year.  You must contact us to set up appointments for a vet.  Any injuries/illnesses that occur to the pets out of negligence or accidents in your home may need to be covered by you. Please keep these animals safe! 


All adoption fees are to paid to Krazy For Kats. 
No kitties are adopted for free!